ETA Canada – Necessary Travel Document

When flying to Canada, you will need an Electronic Travel Authorization, or eta. The ETA can be approved in just minutes after applying, or can take up to a few days, depending on the applicant. The ETA Canada is to provide visa-exempt foreign nationals, who have to travel through Canada, with a type of passport.

Applying for an ETA is a relatively easy process and can be done online. It will cost you 7 CAD, is valid up to 5 years, and will even allow multiple entries and access into the country for up to 6 months. You should get an ETA before you fly to Canada.

The process takes about 5 steps and is relatively easy to complete. First, you should prepare your passport and credit card. Apply using the online form, and pay 7 CAD. You will get an email confirmation within 72 hours, however, most applicants are approved in just minutes. If something does happen, you may actually be required to submit your documents before applying or submit more documents.

If you are a Canadian citizen, resident, or U.S. citizen not flying, then you do not need an eta Canada. You cannot use a refugee travel document, OAS travel document, or an UN Laissez-Passer to apply for the ETA.

This form is completed by individuals, so if there are four people, you will need to submit 4 applications, 1 per person. You have to pay by credit card, not debit. The ETA will only contact you by email, so make sure it’s correct. Your information will not be save and there is a time limit to complete the form, so be quick and accurate.

The application is relatively basic. It asks personal information, how much money you have, financial capability, passport information, and how to contact you. Overall, this application should take under 5 minutes to complete if you have all your documents ready and know your basic information.

However, if you do need help, there is plenty of help available to you online, and in many different languages. The help pages will help you to understand the application, the questions, and the information that is asked for on the application. It’ll even walk you through the application process in your own language.

This is a relatively new process, implemented in March of 2016. However, they recommend that you apply for the ETA before even booking a flight to Canada as the eta Canada can take a few days to a week to actually be approved. If this happens while you are standing in the Canadian airport, this could have dire consequences on your travel plans and with the Canadian government.

If you are flying to or through Canada, make sure to take all of the necessary precautions and apply for your ETA before flying in. This will save you from any trouble that may arise while in Canada or trying to board your plane to continue your traveling to another country. The do check for ETA at the boarding gates now, in case you find yourself stuck, there are people that will assist you.

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